During my time at NextUX Design Agency, apart from designing screens and experience, I have learned so many non-design lessons that I would like to share.

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Illustration by Aman Gupta (Me)

It’s been a year since I joined started working in NextUX Design Agency and I can’t be more grateful and fortunate to have taken that decision. It’s been a wonderful time. I did not grow just design-wise, but also at the personal level too. All thanks to Yagnesh Ahir and Dhanashree Manohar. Now, as I left the agency, I would like to reflect on some of the non-design lessons learned.

When I was given the opportunity to join the team, I was so excited as I was getting a chance to work with the team of designers, the people who…

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The Design of Everyday Things, I believe this is one of the foundational books for the designers. The reason why I have decided to call that because it teaches and explains how design plays a bigger role in the success and failures of everyday objects and also, why the understanding of human psychology, behavior, and different cultures can help in designing better objects.

And why I do more believe in calling it a bible because it is not just another book which talks about design principles, UX laws, and visual design rather it is a book that gives a holistic…

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Photo by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash

Mistakes in the design phases are common and often lead to a cycle of rework in the product development process. So, we should always try our best to avoid and take care of the mistakes that might happen.

So today, I am going to talk about 3 UI/UX design mistakes we should avoid while designing the UI/UX of products.

1. Test your UI with an actual web browser/ Phone user interface.

Most of the time, we design UI screens leaving some of the UI design hiding under the first scroll (below the fold). …

UI Design Guidelines

Apply these rules to achieve good design of your app

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Design Rules.

So, first thing first, UI is not just about how your interface looks, it is not something that you can differentiate as cool or boring. Every UI communicates something, it has colors, typography, and spaces to give you something to communicate. Not only this, but a great UI becomes an advocate for the great UX. An interface is the first thing in the roadmap of giving great UX to the users.

So, today we are going to talk about rules of UI which every UI Designer should understand to design the meaningful and purposeful UI.

In this post, we are…

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Part 1

What is UX Design and the role of different factors in designing the overall User experience of the products.

User Experience, I think everybody has heard it and, now, everybody demands it, but rarely people think that it is not just something that you can build in a day or month, or in a year.

The world has taken billions of years to provide a better user experience to all of us. From the start of the day to the end of the day, every second is an experience, bad or good, and as it includes us, it becomes a User Experience. Because we as the people are the users of everything that is around us.

From the initial…

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UX Laws — My first Chrome extension.

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to share with you my first chrome extension, UX Laws that I have built for myself and also for all the new UX designers.

Basically, I have just converted the Laws of UX website into a chrome version.

The design of this chrome extension is inspired by the 77 things chrome extension by Uber.

My major goal behind this chrome extension was to learn and remember different UX design laws. Every time you open a new tab, you will see a new UX design law. …

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Whenever a new product comes in the market, be it a digital or physical one, the success of it depends on many factors like how it looks, how well it works, how well it is designed and many more factors. And for the past few years, the design has been the bigger factor in the successes of modern products both in the digital world and the physical world.

Today, we are going to talk about one such factor that had been neglected at the beginning of the modern world but now has taken the utmost place in the design priorities…

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In theory,

Design systems are essentially collections of rules, constraints, and principles, implemented in design and code.

Today, Design systems are major parts of some of the famous products. And we can find that every digital product is based on some kind of design system. From the past few years, they have completely evolved from a collection of design patterns to a single language defining the rules of design for multiple products across different platforms.

A well-documented design system is a complete guidebook consisting of design principles, typography, color guides and rules for the behavior of different patterns used across…

The state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surrounding or sometimes it is a person’s awareness or perception of something.

Consciousness is another kind of matter that has no scientific definition, it has an individual definition, it is the thought of individual which might be different for everyone. Consciousness is the state of mind which grow indefinitely and it is not confined to your mind. It can take you beyond the concepts of the world, into a world of the inner self, into a world of tranquillity and serenity. …

Being a designer, this title might sound harsh — but it’s the truth. People really don’t care about your designs. They even don’t believe in your design. What they believe in is whether your product can make their life simpler.

To all the designers out there, I just have a simple question: how many hours have you spend on deciding the colour of the button?

May be days, weeks, or a month and I am pretty sure that you have got the results. No doubt. However, I have too spent days deciding a perfect colour for a button.

But after…

Aman Gupta

Digital UX/UI Designer and Writer :: Maker of Design Responsibly and UX laws.

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