During my time at NextUX Design Agency, apart from designing screens and experiences, I have learned so many non-design lessons that I would like to share today.

Illustration by Aman Gupta (Me)

It’s been a year since I joined started working in NextUX Design Agency and I can’t be more grateful and fortunate to have taken that decision. It’s been a wonderful time. I did not grow just design-wise, but also at the personal level too. All thanks to Yagnesh Ahir and…

UI Design Guidelines

Apply these rules to achieve good design of your app

Design Rules.

So, first thing first, UI is not just about how your interface looks, it is not something that you can differentiate as cool or boring. Every UI communicates something, it has colors, typography, and spaces to give you something to communicate. Not only this, but a great UI becomes an…

Part 1

What is UX Design and the role of different factors in designing the overall User experience of the products.

User Experience, I think everybody has heard it and, now, everybody demands it, but rarely people think that it is not just something that you can build in a day or month, or in a year.

The world has taken billions of years to provide a better user experience to…

The state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surrounding or sometimes it is a person’s awareness or perception of something.

Consciousness is another kind of matter that has no scientific definition, it has an individual definition, it is the thought of individual which might be different for everyone…

Aman Gupta

Digital UX/UI Designer and Writer :: Maker of Design Responsibly and UX laws.

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