Empathy is Non-negotiable. You just don’t know.

We are heading to the end of 2017 and we will be entering in a new year in next few days and with this we will set new goals, will make new friends & some enemies too, will achieve new heights, will become more entrepreneurial and become more successful with the end of year & beginning of a new one.But that’s just normal.

Did you ever notice how we get so much energy to work again & again despite being working hard since past years, Yes I know it’s our fucking feelings, emotions and gratitude from our inner self and from our friends,relatives and especially enemies that gives us more strength to move forward. We never notice that we live in a emotion oriented world.Everything around us are based on a value set. And we just don’t care. You know what differentiates a robot from human being is feelings, artificial intelligence from emotional intelligence is emotions. And everyday, every time we are just moved by these emotions and empathy. They are the foundation of everything. Just Emotions and Empathy.

Recently we are seeing an exponential growth in climate change, pollution level, nuclear bombs, bitcoins and most important ENTREPRENEURS. And in the case of Entrepreneurship we are moving forward fast leaving empathy behind. The most important pillar of Entrepreneurship which has been neglected over time by entrepreneurs. Everyone believes that idea,team and money are the factors that leads to success of startups but EMPATHY has the biggest role and that is the gap which you are completing with your products or services.

With the growing rate of startups and Entrepreneurs, it is very important for every entrepreneur to think over it because that is the only factor that makes their startups more stable in the large battleground of startups. Being more empathetic than your competitors makes you stand firmly in the startup world.

Entrepreneurs, you know this is the generation where everyone wants to be an entrepreneur because they want to make something big like Google, Apple, Facebook, Snapchat just something big but in this aspiration they forget to understand who is the real entrepreneur.

You know, Entrepreneur is not just a person who finds a problem, starts a startup and grow it big and become worth billions of dollars rather he is the person who thinks about a problem that everyone else just don’t care but he does and he feels the problem before anyone does and he just don't care what everyone else think. Being an Entrepreneur does not mean you have to start next Oracle, next Apple, next Facebook or next unicorn rather you just have to start with a problem that you think should be solved.

Entrepreneurs are just the people who understand other people more than anyone else. Entrepreneur are just the people who feels more than anyone else. Entrepreneurs are just the people who cares more than anyone else. And if you are the same, Congrats you are the next Entrepreneur.

One more thing, you know who is the greatest entrepreneur of this world, MOTHER because she tries to solve problems of her husband, her children's and every other member of family without even letting them know. That’s what an Entrepreneur do. It is just simple.You just have be more empathetic than anyone else.

The real reason why most startups fail is because they fails to understand their customers. They fails to feel what their consumers feel. Empathy is the factor which is the bridge to your revenue and if you don’t build it strong, you will lose the game. If you don’t put yourself in the shoes of your customers you will never know that your products or services sucks.Empathy,Humility and Gratitude increases your rate of growth and success. It encourages you to understand your customers more deeply. And When you put the empathy on your primary list and money on the secondary list then empathy will take care of money.You just don’t need to worry. I am not 100% sure whether Empathy will bring you money but I’m 200% sure that Empathy will bring you values and I believe values are more important than money. It is just my belief. I know one thing that to make a living money is important but to live a living empathy is the one.

If you love your customers as you love your mom, if you respect you customers as you respect you father, if you care your customers as you care your siblings, you will win the endgame. Empathy is what makes a relationship strong. If you are building a community in this busy world then the only thing that can make your community stronger is Empathy.So, with the beginning of a new year I wish you will become more empathetic and learn how you can understand your end consumers more to make products that everyone loves that’s the one mantra to build one successful company.

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